March Newsletter

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March Newsletter

Happy March Crew!

We know you're dying to know more about what's happening this March at SCULLHOUSE, so here it is!

March Focus
First off, our focus this month is the DRIVE.  Building from last month's focus of HANG, we are continuing to look at ensuring you remain connected to the handle with your ENTIRE BODY.  Now that you have your lats and core engaged from the catch, we want to make sure that you are getting the legs and glutes firing.  Expect some legs only drills and more explosive mat work!

Enduro Row
Enduro row is back on the schedule.  If you were interested in checking out this class but missed it before it disappeared in the fall, now is your chance.  The pieces are long, the mat work is gone and it is lots of fun!  It's best to get into the swing of this class now before the pieces start to get even longer (mwahahaha - that's our evil laugh - the 60 minute piece is comin' for ya...).

We're pretty sure you all know how seriously we take our indoor shoe policy.  If we've never chased after you with a towel to wipe down those outdoor shoes, good for you!!  We're taking this same level of dedication when it comes to protecting our studio and our crew from any contagions. 

Here are the steps we are taking:

  • We provide anti-bacterial FitWipes in the studio;
  • We are stepping up our disinfecting efforts before and after classes in the front desk area and change rooms;
  • Door handles, shower handles and all counter spaces are being cleaned with anti-bacterial products routinely throughout the day;
  • All our coaches have been reminded to wash their hands and encourage hand washing and proper equipment care with our crew members;
  • While we love our high fives, we will be taking a step back from the high fives in class.  If you just can't contain yourself, use a fist bump or even better a toe tap to show your encouragement with other members;
  • We are encouraging you to stay home if you feel sick.  To support you in doing this, if you feel sick and need to cancel outside of our regular cancellation window, we will exercise more flexibility with allowing you to cancel.  Please email to let us know.
Here are the steps you can take:
  • See above, those FitWipes are anti-bacterial, so please continue to be vigilante in wiping down all your equipment after use (mat, dumbbells, block, erg, etc.);
  • Please wash your hands BEFORE AND AFTER class - this is a big one crew;
  • Use proper hand washing technique - this means using soap (yes the soap is necessary), and scrubbing for at LEAST 20 seconds;
  • We have lots of tissues around the studio, please use these if you need to sneeze or blow your nose;
  • Try to refrain from touching your face during your workout.
Member Courtesy
We want SCULLHOUSE to be a space where everyone feels welcome, supported and that they belong.  It has come to our attention that some of our members are very sensitive to strong scents.  Even a pleasant scent that is strong can in some cases trigger migraines for some people.  In order to ensure SCULLHOUSE remains a place for everyone, we want to ask you to please refrain from using strongly scented perfumes or colognes before AND after class (this means in the change rooms too).  We will try to keep our studio as scent-free as possible. 

Please note however that we are still HUGE and I mean HUGE fans of deodorant.  We exercise close to one another and we want to be respectful of those around us.  We provide spray deodorant in the change rooms if you ever forget yours.  Freshening up before class is never frowned upon.

Let's keep rowing our way through March and right into spring crew!

See you on the erg,


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