SCULLHOUSE Rowing classes are perfect for individuals from many backgrounds and fitness levels. The unique low-impact nature of the rowing machine allows for high-intensity workouts without placing strain on the joints. No rowing experience is required. Each class will begin with a dynamic warm-up incorporating technique instruction.

You can join our online classes with any type of rowing machine. All you need is an internet connection, a device to stream the class, and the desire to get moving!

Our live online classes provide personalized coaching and motivation helping you reach your rowing and fitness goals more quickly.  Rowing online live with a coach and other people helps hold you accountable and inspires you to push yourself more than you would on your own.

Can’t make the live class times?

Don’t worry! We have a library of one hundred recorded classes for you to row along with whenever you like. Our library of classes is getting updated all the time with new classes, making sure there are always fun and exciting options for you to select from.

Our online classes follow the same format of classes we offer in the studio. If the in-studio class is a Core Row class, the online class is also Core Row format etc.

How do the online classes work?

Create an account with us and choose your membership – either the Unlimited Online Live Class Membership, or the Unlimited On Demand Video Membership.  Email us at to activate your account.

We find most online members prefer to use a headset for the best sound quality.  We use Spotify for our class music and will share the playlist in the zoom chat at the beginning of every class if you’d like to follow along to the class music.

Unlimited Online Live Class Membership


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Unlimited On Demand Class Membership


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Class Descriptions

All classes are approximately 55 mins long, except for Express at 45 mins long and Enduro Row at 75 mins long

Classic Row

55 minutes of interval training on the rowing machine alternating with intervals of mat work. Mat work intervals focus on body weight and small dumbbell exercises.

Row and Flow

25 minutes of moving meditation rowing, followed by 30 minutes of Vinyasa style yoga.


55 minutes of intervals on the rowing machine alternating with intervals of mat work. Mat work intervals focus on toning and strengthening the entire core.


Think Classic Row with shorter, higher intensity intervals.  This class will be challenging with more on and off the mat transitions required.  Not suitable for beginners. 55 minute class.


55 minutes geared towards those looking to gain speed and power on the rowing machine. This class will push you to your max with repeated sprints. For those looking to race, this class will prepare you for the Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships in Mississauga in February. Not suitable for a first class. Instructor permission is required to attend this class.


75 minute class geared towards endurance athletes or those looking to improve their endurance. Are you a runner, a cyclist, a triathlete? Looking to improve your stamina and spend a bit more time stretching out those tight muscles? This class is for you! Enduro Row is not suitable for a first class. Instructor permission is required.


Technique Row is a class designed to introduce new rowers to the rowing stroke. The class is focused on learning the stroke using a variety of drills. This class is recommended for beginners. It is also a great technique refresher for more experienced rowers looking to hone their erging technique. Class is capped at 10 rowers to allow for individual feedback.